Year 8 Geography Get Back to Nature

On the day they completed many activities such as observing how a living organism adapts to its environment, learning about mangrove leaves and investigating mangrove mud and pneumatophores. Another practical activity was monitoring the mangrove wetlands environment by measuring water temperature, water turbidity and water PH. The girls used their fieldwork skills, measuring the air temperature, humidity and wind movement by reading a hydrometer, thermometer and wind meter. Through monitoring the biological section of the wetlands, groups found out if the water at the Homebush Wetlands was sensitive or tolerant by identifying water bugs that lived in the water. The day concluded with a focus on a Geographic Information System to find out how the wetlands have changed overtime.

The girls reported that it was a fun and educational excursion, learning about waterways and how they have changed through the creation of infrastructure and the development of urban areas.