Year 11 Senior Science

College Building Construction Leads to Learning Opportunities

Year 11 Senior Science have seen firsthand how construction is going on Mount St Benedict College’s new Hildegard Centre for Creative and Performing Arts. It was an opportunity for the girls to not only gain a ‘sneak peek’ at the construction but to also put into action many of the concepts covered in their ‘Humans at Work’ unit they are studying in class.

A focus of Senior Science unit is on preventative workplace safety strategies and procedures to maintain a safe working environment for all. The girls were able to use the College’s new Creative and Performing Arts Centre as a case study for identification and analysis of a range of biological, physical and chemical hazards and were impressed with the high quality of safety considerations and practices on this large building site.

This incursion also gave the Year 11 students a unique opportunity to view, from the inside, the development of a wonderful school resource and the links between the built and natural environment of the Blue Gum Forest at the rear of the College grounds.

The Hildegard Centre for Creative and Performing Arts will open in early 2018.