Welcome to Year 7 2016

Dressed in their House colours the girls completed a day filled with orientation activities largely led by Year 9 Peer Support Leaders. Each of the Houses offered the girls cards expressing their welcome as they join their new Houses.

In a show of support the current Year 7s shared their advice to girls starting next year and their parents.  Earlier this year, all current Year 7 students completed a ‘Transition Survey’. In the course of this survey, the girls were asked for their ideas and experiences across a range of areas associated with life as a ‘Bennies’ girl. A part of the survey dealt specifically with the transition between primary and high school life.

The overwhelming message from the current Year 7 students to the newest members of the community was not to worry, you will be taken care of here at ‘Bennies’. The girls in Year 7 send a message of resilience and positive thinking to all of our newcomers. We wish them and their families a warm welcome into the MSB community.

What advice would you give to the students starting in 2016?

  • Try to meet everyone in your Homeroom, House and classes
  • Ask for help if you need it, even if you are afraid to. Others are happy to help
  • Organise your locker as soon as you can. Don’t forget your lock code.
  • You will find your way around - but it will be hard at first
  • Don’t leave your assessments until the last minute
  • It seems like a big school when you start but it does get easier quickly
  • Use your planner. Your planner is your best friend
  • Be yourself and have fun
  • Don’t worry, you will make friends
  • Be brave
  • Take every opportunity you are given
  • Focus in class. Get to know your teachers
  • Don’t stress, don’t worry, try to relax, it will be alright, keep calm, be confident
  • Don’t get addicted to the canteen muffins!

What advice would you give the parents of the students starting in Year 7, 2016?

  • She’ll love it here
  • Your daughter should get to bed early
  • Don’t stress, your daughter is growing up, that’s all!
  • Ask her if she has done her homework and what she learnt that day
  • Be proud of your daughter
  • Help her prepare for assessments
  • Connect with other families. Get involved in parent activities.
  • Your daughter is in good hands
  • On the first day of school, just act normally (like a normal primary school day) because some kids get stressed out (like I did)
  • Be patient. Be aware of what she is learning
  • You can trust the teachers and older students
  • Talk to her about what she did each night
  • Listen to your daughter - she might need reassurance
  • The teachers are very easy to talk to
  • Don’t worry

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