MSB teachers take the STEM Challenge

 Did you know that Bennies teachers were:

  •   Engineers?
  •   Designers?
  •   Problem solvers?
  •   Creative thinkers?
  •   Collaborators?
  •   Innovators?

The MSB enthusiastic and creative staff were presented with a STEM problem closely aligned to the Caritas Solidarity Day theme, dealing with the immediate needs of people living in extreme need. They were tasked with designing and building a seat made from a single piece of cardboard that could support the weight of one adult. Where’s the challenge you might ask? Well, the staff had to complete all tasks from design to construction in very small groups in less than an hour and WITHOUT the use of ANY other materials – no tape, glue or other tools! All the while compiling a video learning log and constructing detailed plans of the development of their ideas. To some, this might seem difficult, but to our staff – a challenge enthusiastically embraced and mastered!

The staff involved themselves so enthusiastically in this initiative and the feedback from the afternoon will form further feedback towards refining the programs being finalised for our Year 8 students.