MSB support 'Vinnes Van'

'Thank you' and 'God Bless'.

These words are the most powerful we hear whilst out on a Saturday night on the St Vincent de Paul 'Vinnies Van'.

The Year 11 students and staff distribute donations of food at Martin Place to the homeless of Sydney. The hospitality and compassion that the students exhibit on the evening as they engage in conversation with members of the community embody, not only the College values, but also the House values and their spirit and giving nature is very much appreciated throughout the evening.

Vinnies Van has been one of the most rewarding and eye opening experiences that I have been a part of whilst at Bennies. I would strongly recommend it to any girls wishing to take part in Year 11 ..... Brianna

 It was an enlightening experience that enables us to relate and develop a sense of community ..... Amy

I learnt the vaue of time and how important this was for so many people who were experiencing homelessness ..... Vanessa