BenniesFest Short Film Project

In this project based learning (PBL) activity Year 7 students worked in teams of four to produce a short film in response to the driving question “How can we share the story of MSB with others in the community?” Each team had a Teacher PBL Mentor and the emphasis was on the process (how the team worked together, overcame challenges etc.) as much as the final product. Teams had a portfolio in which to record their process and they had to meet project deliverables, such as participating in a workshop or maintaining a logbook along the way.

Each team chose a product type from drama, documentary, biography or animation and focussed on a particular aspect of the College such as physical environment, support structures, Good Samaritan traditions or history of the College to complete their studies of “What’s behind the red brick wall?” a unit which assists them in transitioning into High School.

Throughout the project MYBennies teachers were looking for each students’ ability to be creative and problem solve, show collaboration and teamwork and to communicate their final product effectively to an audience.