An Enriching School Partnership

This College Assembly with St Edmund's and a number of other events and activities form an important partnership between the two school communities.

MSB is delighted that the connection with St Edmund's has developed into a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. The partnership provides MSB staff and students with authentic opportunities to engage with people living with disabilities, integrates the curriculum with enriching service learning opportunities, provides individuals with meaning making opportunities connected to their work and study, facilitates the development of 21st century skills and opens opportunities for MSB students to be part of the St Edmund's support network beyond school.

St Edmund's have expressed their goals as allowing students to experience mainstream school, to increase confidence and self-esteem; to help students develop communication and social skills in a safe and controlled environment; to experience interactions where students are genuinely valued by others and to open up opportunities for support networks outside of school.

The partnership between MSB and St Edmund's has grown significantly over the years. Each year the College enjoys a range of activities in partnership with St Edmund's including the SOJAD program in Year 8, a learning exchange in Year 9 and a peer mentoring program in Year 10.

The College looks forward to working together to further develop connections with St Edmund’s.

At our Assembly on Wednesday we were delighted to welcome some of our friends from St Edmund’s who entertained us with their dance routines. We value our partnership with St Edmund’s very highly – it enriches our community life, enabling our girls to appreciate their gifts, use them to help others with different gifts and to benefit from the interaction with the St Edmund students. I hope that the students of St Edmund’s also enjoy our interactions – certainly their faces seemed to reflect the fun they were having during their performance.